Revelation Wisdom Ministries

THE GREAT COMMISSION !  Mark 16:16 (nkjv)


Donations are Tax Deductible to
 Revelation Wisdom Ministries, Inc
PO BOX 218, McHenry, Md.  21541-0218

International Shows are broadcast in Africa and East Coast of the US from the Caribbean to Canada  M-F, and on the weekends in Europe, Russia, South China, Japan, Philippines, and India.  See World Harvest Radio ( for more Program information.
Revelation Wisdom Program Schedule on WHR Shortwave Radio
as of Summer 2018
   Angel  Antenna    Day    Program UTC Time Eastern Time Target Time      Frequency

Angel 1 Africa M_F       UTC 1650 12:50PM 5:50pm 21.610
Angel 1 Caribbean M_F UTC 23:20  7:20PM  7:20PM 7.315
Angel 1 Off-Air M_F UTC 0510 1:15AM online streaming only
Angel 2 E-North Am.    M_F                 UTC 0005    8:05PM 8:05 PM 5.920
Angel 2  Europe  Sunday H&R UTC 2000        4:00PM 9:00PM   15.530
Angel 4 S E A Sunday H&R               UTC 0400        12 AM 12:00 PM   15.455
Angel 4 Off Air Sunday H&R UTC 1800         2PM Online Streaming only
Angel 5 Off-Air      Sunday H&R UTC 1800          2PM                Online Streaming only
Angel 6 Off-Air Sunday H&R UTC 0930 5:30 AM Online Streaming only
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