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062914    Sunday in June 2014  Intro/background RWMI; Overview ; Salvation-Rom 10:9, Rom 8:1; 
Word Power; Blessings/Curses; Overcomers; pleading the Blood Of Jesus; Book of Revelation; Rapture
                Sundays in July 2014  Topics
070614    Faith, testimony; Healing from Stroke, Br Ca, a fib, issue of blood;types of curses  and release; God's Favor; Days of Noah and persecution;Tribulation Overview 
071314  Fear; review Word Power; How to keep your Healing; Journey of Cancer Patient 
 types of healing processes; Dr. diagnoses; healing verses; Rapture/Jewish Holidays;peers 
072014  3 Healing verses; Hindrances to healing; Faith/Unbelief;ungodly spirits;addiction;
 Healing power in the name and blood of Jesus; Intercessory Prayer; praise/worship;Psalm 91
072714  God's Love; Believer's Authority; Binding/casting Prayers/Releases; Satanic bondage/
  spiritual warfare;Pain;Stress;Fear;Panic Attack;emotional Anger;Rage; Filthy Words; 
  High Blood Pressure; Unforgiveness;testimony: sailboat accident; Blood Moons
Sundays in August 2014 Topics
080314    Overcomers; review of Believer's Authority; Sin repentance/healing; Unmet expectations/blaming   God; Healing books/newsletter, seminar, website info;Spiritual Warfare;Imagination; Healing & Cancer
  Treatments; God is Love; 4 Types of Love.
081014  Seeking the Kingdom of God; fasting & praying/binding & casting; Faith/Unbelief; more Spiritual  Warfare and mental strongholds; putting on the Whole Armor; Pain/Release; Holy Spirit/Gifts, Fruits;      Baptism of Holy Spirit; overview of Deliverance; End Times Deceptions; Bible, Koran
081714  John 3:16 testimony; Condemnation; Spirit of Fear/Release; Grief; False Responsibility; Trauma;    Rejection; Children & Divorce; Renew mind; End Times Peace Treaty; Definition of Grace/Righteousness
  Law of Moses; New Covenant of Love; Pride & Humility
082414  Eph 6 Whole Armor & Holy Spirit; send us email for Prayers of Release; Bookstore; Pride/ Self-centeredness; Proverbs & Psalms; Answered Prayers, Prophetic/Healing; Gospel of Grace;
  Rapture time question
083114  Sin & Rev 20; Prioritizing Daily Life; Rapture topics/Jewish Feasts/Shofar; Lukewarm Church of the End Times 
Sundays in September 2014  Topics
090714   End Times Prophesy & Book of Revelation overview- Part 1
091414   End Times Prophesy & Book of Revelation overview- Part 2

092114   End Times Prophesy & Book of Revelation overview- Part 3

092814   Review End Times messages; Isaiah 55; Hearing from God; and Grace tested by fire; Books review;  The Harbinger and Secrets of the Shemitah by J.Cahn regarding 9/11; Isaiah 9:10 & US Defiance; Blood Moons and Jewish Feast Days
Sundays in October 2014
100514  Related End Times Judgments.  Summary of major End Time Prophecy
101214  Matthew 24: What Jesus said about End Times
101914  Ezekiel 38-39 Gog War. Luke 21 how to live.
Sundays in November 2014
Sundays in December 2014
Sundays in January 2015
Sundays in February 2015
020115   Classic Basic Healing 1. 
020815   Classic Basic Healing 2
021515   Classic Basic Healing 3
022215   Classic Basic Healing 4

Sundays in March 2015
030115   Classic Basic Healing 5
030815   Classic Basic Healing 6
031515   Classic Basic Healing 7
032215   Classic Basic Healing 8
032915  Palm Sunday
Sundays in April 2015
040515  Easter
041215   Knowing the Love of God
041915   Love, Marriage, Unction to Function
042615   Communion, Love and Heart
051015  Mothers Day
060715   Becoming closer to God
061415   Strongholds of mind-not in alignment with God
062115   Father's Day
062815    Wisdom, Spiritual Warfare, Diligence,and Protection  
SUNDAYS in JULY 2015  (Select date and click to download and play)
071915     Godly Values
072615     Signs of the End Times
SUNDAYS IN AUGUST 2015  (Select date and click to download and play)
080215    End Times Overview
080915    Rest in the Divine Exchange, Holy Spirit, Teshuva
081615    Family
082315    Holy Spirit, Glorified Body
083015    New York City, The Harbinger
100415 Open The Eyes of my Heart
101115 LUX TUA LUCEAT-Let your Light Shine
101815 Spiritual Warfare, Grace and Healing
102515     Evil Spirits, Persecution, and Holy Spirit Guidance
SUNDAYS in NOVEMBER 2015  (select date and click to download and play)
110115     God's Plan for you
110815     Active Faith
111515     Overspending, Jobs, Favor, and Jabez Story
112215     Thanksgiving Week; (Giving Thanks to God with Adventure Series)
112915      Worry, Persecution, and Friends
SUNDAYS in SEPTEMBER  2015  (select date and click to download and play)
090615    Jewish Holy days
091315    Elul 29; Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown
092015    Matthew 24 Signs of the End Times
092715    War of Gog Ezekiel CH 38 & 39
SUNDAYS in DECEMBER 2015 (select date and click to download and play
120615 Finances and Hanukkah
121315 Christmas Bread of Life
122015 Christmas Stories
122715 Salvation, Generational Blessing, and The Harlot
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